A downloadable game for Windows

What it means to lose the world...
..and go beyond just losing it.

A short 2D side scroller post-apocalyptic shooter game with a very strange story.

A and D (or right and left arrow keys) to Walk
R to Reload
Mouse to Aim

Game Duration:
5-15 minutes


Shredded World for Windows x64 31 MB
Shredded World for Windows x32 28 MB

Install instructions

Extract the files and double click on 'Shredded World.exe'.


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good game

Thanks for playing and making a video on it! :D

Would you mind playing another FREE game of ours too? 😉

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Thank you so much for playing my game AND making a video of it! Really appreciated! :D

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The controls are a little broken, not too bad of a game though. 

Yeah, bad IK implementation. Glad to know that the game is not very bad at least. :)