Raycaster JS game inspired by Doom. You went into some mysterious chambers to get your hands on the Mystus Treasure.

3 levels and est. time to finish the game is 5-10 minutes only.

The game is made in collaboration with HomeTeam GameDev community.


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Mouse locking don't work. Win7+latest_chrome, ubuntu+latest_chrome, ubuntu+latest_firefox.

Thank you for trying out the game. We are working on this issue, Abnessor.


It looks cool but i couldn't look very far since the mouse isn't locked. I can look as far as the mouse will go and then it stops. Pressing P didn't do anything for me. I wish i could play it.


Thank you for trying the game, masterkeef42o. We are trying to fix the problems in the game. Can you tell me which OS and browser are you using?

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Windows 10, with Chrome. I just tried it a minute ago on my old PC with Firefox (windows 7) and was able to play, but one of the portals sent me outside of the map. I was able to run around in the dark and see the areas from outside, but couldn't get in them.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, masterkeef42o. I am glad that there is no mouse issue with Firefox. We are working to fix the problems in the game and your feedback helped us understand one of the issues of the game.