Levitating Plant exterminating the Humanity while growing along the way!

Move around to find and 'eat' humans. Make sure that you do it fast enough so that, you keep on growing instead of shrinking and dying!

Controls: (Keyboard Only)
Movement - WASD/Arrow Keys
Dash - Spacebar


Windows x64.zip 34 MB


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interesting game i must say, i really love the visuals of the game and like how i get bigger after eating, however i do have some feedback

the dash is cool but it feels instantaneous, kinda like teleporting

and even when i get bigger it feels like i am still eating humans at the same rate

otherwise very nice short game

and if u guys dont mind check out my game(s) too and give feedback



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Thank you! :D


love the dash mechanics

Thanks! :D

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Colors and Feel ❤️❤️. Dash is too satisfying. It looks like you made the game hard so the player will use dash which is actually fun. The game can be expanded as it is already fun and when the player will get a direction with some progression it will leave more impact on the user. 

Haha, thank you! 😄


Yo. I have some feedback.

1: the visuals are amazing, big fan of how the game looks.

2: the game is way too hard. There are not enough humans to keep myself alive for long. 

3: the dash is very disorienting, and i find myself very confused about where I am.

4: the music is loud, and quite frankly repetitive. 

5: the level borders are not clear, and it should it obvious where it is.

Awesome, thanks! And yes, I agree with all the points that you have mentioned.