Select a card in a row, stack turns and deplete the enemy's health to zero!

The game consists of 6 elements:


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Nice game ! The bats and spiders are powerful thanks to extra turn they provide. It's annoying to have to go outside a card and come back on it to select it (for example after new turn when you want the card of the same row as the previous one). Other keywords or deckbuilding for the next update ?

Thank you very much. I didn't expect someone to like this tiny game (I guess I need to have an open mind about it). And yes, I am aware of this annoying bug.

Will fix it for sure in the next update. I will be adding two new keywords/elements: One that doesn't care about shields and simply damages health (thereby, giving health more importance and forcing the player to choose health more than shield).

The second is to simply add one (or more than one) card in the next row. (instead of three? four/five cards to choose from) But I am not sure whether that is gonna be effective or not. Gotta tweak it to decide if it really matters.

Deckbuilding isn't something that I consider as of now. Maybe, an element that allows players to 'store' a card from the current row for use later on whenever the player likes. This seems quite powerful IMO. What do you think?


I think adding a card in the row is too powerful, just like storing one. Maybe a "skip this line" button, 3 uses during the entire game, to skip the current line if nothing is interesting.
Or you can add more battle (like 3 and a boss with patterns), and on each win you can remove a type of card or remove/add an icon printed on a card.

Interesting. There are times when the player wants to skip the current line/row (especially when you are low on HP {yummy greed of extra turns} and get skulls on all cards in a line/row). That's a good one! And yes, multiple battles and some variations. Thanks.