Protect the Beacon from the enemies by building the units!

Click the add/remove units on the grid.

Buildings require Nelfon (the blue brick icon) and/or Power (the purple thunder icon). First, Nelfon is provided to the buildings and then, power is provided after cutting off Nelfon supply. You can transfer the Nelfon/Power via Conveyer Tracks.

Buildings can only accept 1 CONNECTION. You must remove the other connections!

Use Obelisk Laser to prevent enemies from approaching your other units and Beacon. Construct Tech Ramp to double the production rate!

Note: The game has some conveyer track connection bugs. :grimacing: 


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I really like the look of this game.  It took me a minute to figure it out (I didn't read the instructions on the page) but the game is quite intuitive after a few tries.  Excellent design. 

Thank you, Brian. I am glad that you liked the game. The game do have subtitles in the bottom right but they are not helpful enough. So, I also made a quick gameplay video for better help. :)